Best Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas to Leave Your Spouse Speechless

Best Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas to Leave Your Spouse Speechless

What have you got cooking for Valentine’s Day? Whatever you do, don’t forget something sweet to finish off your homemade meal of love. These Valentine’s Day cake ideas will help you impress her or him with your efforts while indulging taste buds with delights. Plus, they’re so impressive, your spouse simply won’t know what to say.

Whether you’re still in your honeymoon phase or have been married for decades, try out these Valentine’s Day cake ideas!

Get it photo-printed

With today’s tech, you can have a cake made for Valentine’s Day with the cutest photo of you two EVER! Or in a pinch, you can add a framed portrait of you and your love much like a wedding cake topper. 

Add a touch of strawberry to cheesecake

Another one of the best Valentine’s Day cake ideas is to make cheesecake with strawberries on top. Arrange them into the shape of a heart for the perfect presentation.

Fresh stawberries

Go red with red velvet

For Valentine’s Day, red is one of the most prevalent colors. Make a sweet and charming red velvet cake. You can go one step further and add food coloring to the cream cheese frosting to make it extra special for this celebration of love.

Make strawberry shortcake

It’s technically not a cake, but it works for Valentine’s Day cake ideas. Stack up shortcakes with fresh whipped cream and hand-picked berries for something that’s naturally sweet and delightful. 

Try mini chocolate lava cakes

When you and your spouse are trying to stick to your resolutions, it’s probably not the best idea to have a huge cake sitting around. Be each other’s temptations and go for making a couple mini chocolate lava cakes in personal servings. Top them off with vanilla ice cream for one of the best Valentine’s Day cake ideas you can find!

Heart chocolate lava cakes

Leave out the gluten

Any gluten-free lovers out there? Whether you can have gluten or not, you’ll both swoon over a rich flourless fudge cake. Without flour, it becomes dense and sinfully sensual in every bite, a perfect Valentine’s Day cake idea indeed!

Dunk angel food cake in chocolate fondue

While it is hardly a whole cake, when it comes to Valentine’s Day cake ideas, this one might just win for decadence and simplicity. Make an angel food cake or grab one from the bakery and then create a sumptuous chocolate fondue dipping station with marshmallows, fresh strawberries, and other dunkable delights. It’s far more intimate and surrounded by candlelit lighting, can be one of the most romantic desserts you’ll create.

Naturally, the best Valentine’s Day cake ideas are ones that fit your life and love style. Your spouse will be speechless with the thoughtfulness you put into finding the perfect dessert to sweeten up your love!

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